We bring both broad and deep knowledge from the world of marketing & branding

  • Over 30 years of combined work experience, on the agency/consulting side & “client side”
  • Experience working with the world´s leading global packaged food & beverage companies, including NestlĂ©, The Coca-Cola Company, Unilever, Kraft-Mondelez, General Mills, Arcor, PepsiCo, Pernod Ricard, among others

As an outsider, we have the ability to bring a “birds-eye view” while also focusing on the key details

  • When reviewing reports & studies to uncover new insights & learning, we make sure to maintain both perspectives
  • We can also deep-dive into the detail for more profound quantitative & qualitative analysis

We are lean – nimble, efficient and smart

  • We work with a small, specialized team to deliver the best results for the specific project at hand
  • We are able to focus on the task without the interruption of a million daily office tasks, guaranteeing completion of projects on-time and on budget
  • With years of consulting experience, we know how to use a broad array of resources in a smart way